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Protonet Tools > protein card

 Get protein card:
Returns information about a protein including its sequence, signatures, domains and taxonomy.

Search by Uniprot:

Enter ID or AC (accession number) of UniprotKB: UniprotKB/Swiss-Prot ID (e.g. AACT_HUMAN), UniprotKB/TrEMBL ID (Q9VVG0_DROME), UniprotKB/Swiss-Prot or UniprotKB/TrEMBL AC (e.g. P24595), or EMBL Protein-ID (e.g.X68737):

Search by Protein name:

Enter Protein name (e.g. Colicin B) or begining of name (e.g. Colic):

Search by keyword:

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Enter exact keyword name
(CATH, ENZYME, GO, Gene name, InterPro, Microarrays, PDB, Publication journals, Publication years, SCOP, Taxonomy, UniProt):

- Check here to allow for inexact keyword matches, or to search by keyword ID / accession numbers (might take a while to process)

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